Dike Pump 


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Excellent for mass de-watering projects…Marshes, Ponds, Fields, etc.

Modular, Portable, Affordable

PTO shafts and lay-flat hose available

  1. One section dike pump.  This pump can be added on and modified into a longer or humpback style pump in the future.
  2. The pump is convertible and can be changed upon requirements. Only one pump is needed to do multiple tasks.
  3. One-straight section with humpback section in the rear.
  4. Two-straight section dike pump. 
  5. Skids for under body pump protection. Sixteen inch road quality wheels and tires for easy mobility. Stainless steel shafting for long-service life.
  6. Sealed bearing boxes to increase bearing life. Spider coupling to reduce shaft vibrations.

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